Dear Readers,

In light of the recent holiday I have been thanking a lot about happiness and being thankful. I was sitting at the table with family, my wife, and my daughter for a bug feast and all I could think about is how happy I have been the last few days. I have seen so many people on Facebook doing the 30 days of thankfulness. My friend told me that his grandpa had stage 4 cancer and I thought that not matter what my problems were it could be worse. He was the one that truly had something to be sad about. So I decided to say what I am thankful for in my head. I am thankful for my wife, my daughter, my family, my health, My friends, a roof over my head, and truly every moment that I have. It is strange how something that someone else is going through, a song, a Facebook post, or a holiday can make you realize what is important in life.


Athomedad logging out.


Juggling daily chaos!

Dear Readers,

Today is a crazy day. I know that there are many moms and dads out there that have it worse than me but I feel like I handle the ever changing daily chaos. Today starts with:

– get up and get showered

– getting the baby up and changed

– make the wife lunch and breakfast

– feed the baby

– get the niece on the bus

– Go to the grocery store

– make lunch for the baby as well as my other niece and mother in law

– pre-order dinner for the family

– Put the baby down for a nap

– work on homework since I am going back to school

– clean up

– go for a run when the baby wakes up

– pick up dinner

– hang out with the wife and family

– do the dishes and clean while the wife is putting the baby down

– watch a tv show and go to bed

There are a few other things that are added in there but really are not worth mentioning. The key to me is to know what is next and to handle all of it with a smile.  I know that this can be tough and at first I was really overwhelmed. I want to know how you handle the crazy days at your house?

athomedadtalk logging out.

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