A little about me!

My decision to stay at home with my daughter was a mutual decision by my wife and I that involved a relocation as well. We felt that one of us should stay at home with her for a year to eighteen months. We relocated to be closer to my wives family and for her career. I then became a stay at home dad.

I was the first to think that it was going to be easy and nothing but fun times. Boy was I in for rude awakening! I had my world rocked. I did not know that taking care of a child would be so hard at first. Well to make a long story short I got the dad thing down and I am now enjoying ever minute. It still has its moments or days that I think it would be easier to go to work but I would not change a thing.

I am starting this blog to help others, provide information, and just meet other people. I thought I was the only stay at home dad in the area at first but found out there are a lot of dads even in my neighborhood that stay at home. Go dads! I also want to think my wife and daughter for their support no matter what path I take.

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