Dear Readers,

In light of the recent holiday I have been thanking a lot about happiness and being thankful. I was sitting at the table with family, my wife, and my daughter for a bug feast and all I could think about is how happy I have been the last few days. I have seen so many people on Facebook doing the 30 days of thankfulness. My friend told me that his grandpa had stage 4 cancer and I thought that not matter what my problems were it could be worse. He was the one that truly had something to be sad about. So I decided to say what I am thankful for in my head. I am thankful for my wife, my daughter, my family, my health, My friends, a roof over my head, and truly every moment that I have. It is strange how something that someone else is going through, a song, a Facebook post, or a holiday can make you realize what is important in life.


Athomedad logging out.