Stay at home dad!

Dear Readers,

I am a stay at home dad that wants to reach out to people and share my experiences.
I also want to know more about your thoughts on being stay at home dads. Before my daughter was born my wife and I had the discussion on whether if she would stay at home or if we would put our daughter in daycare. We decided for her to work part time and take care of out daughter 4 days a week. Once our daughter was born my wife received a call from a company two states away near her family. The company was offering her enough money to cover both of our salaries but we would have to move.

I had never even considered staying at home with my daughter. I was a little timid at first. I would have to give up my promising career, family, and the only place that I had ever lived. We talked about it for a week or so and the decision was made. I would become a stay at home dad. We have now relocated and I have been a stay at home dad for a year now. I am enjoying every moment! I am hoping to share my stories, questions, my journey, and frustrations with you.

Stay at home dad logging out. I cant wait to hear what you have to say!


  1. I am enjoying/experiencing the final weeks of having a regular commuter job. With a due date of December 6th I will be a work-at-home dad beginning after the Christmas break. Looking forward to the challenges of being the primary care giver and mourning the loss of my professional ladder climbing, at least for a year or two, or maybe even as long as five, until he starts school.

    • Well I wish you and your child a healthy and smooth birthing process. Congrats as well. I know that being at home for me was abig adjustment but a great one. Good luck and if I can help just let me know! Enjoy every minute because it is great to be a stay at home dad.

    • Congrats on the upcoming child! Good luck with the birth and staying at home. I know that at times I have been a bit frustrated or saying that I wan tot go back to work but most of the time it is great! As soon as a say something like that My daughter does something to make my heart melt and make me realize what a gift I have. I will say that it is not easy but I do love every minute good or bad.

      As for the ladder climbing I do miss it. There are days that I feel a little unfulfilled until someone says “Wow your kid is already doing that!”. I find myself pushing her further because I have set goals for myself to teach her. It is kind of like ladder climbing because you have milestones that you need to hit with your child.

      Overall it is great and you are lucking to have the time with your children. Let me know how it goes. I would like to hear more and I wish you and your wife a happy and healthy child.


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