Does your kid scream in the car seat?

Dear Readers,
Does your kid or kids scream in the car seat? Do you hate to go anywhere because your baby screams until they are out of the seat? Well if your baby does, then you are not alone.The second we put her in the car seat she would start wailing and wouldn’t stop until we got her out. I had friends whose babies would sleep under tables in their car seat or sleep in it all night. Not my daughter. I wanted to write to say that it GETS BETTER! She started to change around 9 months and for the past few months he has LOVED being in the car. The turning point began when she could play with her hands. Eventually we could give her a toy to play with. When we switched to the “big girl” car seat things got even better. Then once we turned the convertible car seat around at 14 months and 21 pounds there was a complete change. It either made her sick from looking backwards, was too cramped, or just wanted to see what was going on. Overall all things get better with change.

Athomedad logging out for the night. Let me know if you have had similar issues.

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